“My ABC Animal Friends” – Alphabet Book

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Savannah and I started “My ABC Animal Friends” when Savannah was 10 and on her summer break. She is an aspiring artist and I am an aspiring writer, so I thought it would be fun to illustrate an ABC book for young children to enjoy and learn from, while we gained the experience of self-publishing a book and spending some quality time together.

We made the animals and the backgrounds separately. Using card stock, tissue paper, glue, and paint we created what we thought looked good. We then,placed the animal on the background, scanned the picture, and used Photoshop to clean things up.  It took us all summer and then some to get things just right. It took us a lot longer to finish than I thought it would. The experience learned from this book was well earned…

The animals we created for the book are now close to our hearts. Savannah and I both came up with the sentencing for each letter as we did for the images. We used many of our family members real names and enjoyed doing so. In the future we hope to create story lines for our beloved animals in another book. Over-all we are really happy with the look of our first children’s book. Please feel free to print out the writing pages at the end.

We would love any comments you may have about any of our books. Thank You for your support in us!

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“How Many Monsters Can You Count?” – Book

monsters cover

“How Many Monster’s Can You Count?” came about through a watercolor painting project I was doing with my daughter Savannah. The goal was to let puddles of paint roll around the page, and after it was all dry: find the many creatures left behind. I loved finding monsters in the mayhem, Savannah not so much. So, when I ended up with so many adorable little guys I knew I had to turn it into another children’s book.

I thought a numbers book would be good, since we already had the ABC book. So, I got to work on trying to figure out the best way to incorporate numbers into my artwork. The best way was to count them. Believe me, I tried many different versions of counting. The only way to really showcase the monsters was to place them in the middle of the page and count from page to page.

I love the result of mixing monsters, watercolor, and numbers. And I hope you like it too. Please feel free to print out the pages and share the link to our website with as many friends as you would like. Thank You!

We appreciate your comments.

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Zen-doodle and Color Your Numbers 1-100


Zen-doodle is an art form that I love. My newest coloring book is designed to encourage children to color as they learn their numbers 1-100. Feel free to right click on each image and save to your computer to print. Each image will print at an 8×10 size.

Please comment, so that I know how you are using printouts and how your children are enjoying the pictures. Thank You so much!

“Coloring with My ABC’s” Book



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“Coloring with My ABC’s” is a project my daughter, Savannah, completed a few summers ago when she was 12 yrs. old. This is Savannah’s first solo project. We went over many different ideas of what her ABC images would include and we settled on animals, mostly because Savannah loves to draw animals.

After researching the animal she was going to draw, Savannah carefully drew each animal in pencil and traced it with a black pen. Then, I scanned the picture onto the computer and used Photoshop to clean up any pencil marks left on the page. The book came together fairly easily and seeing Savannah’s name on the cover is a whole lot of fun for us.

We both love the way it turned out, especially the cover. She thinks the zebra is one of her best drawings in the book, and I tend to agree. We hope you love the book just as much as we do and share it with as many families as you can. Feel free to print the individual pages and color them.

Please leave a comment and let us know what you like, or would like to see on our blog.

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ABC Dinosaur Coloring Book


“ABC Dinosaur Coloring Book” is for kids learning their alphabet letters and whom appreciate the many dinosaurs that once roamed the planet Earth. Savannah Skye researched every dinosaur and illustrated the book. She is currently 14, but this book was finished last year. You may like other coloring books she has completed, “Coloring with My ABC’s“. She has more coming in the future. Please let us know how you like her books. Thank You!

Print the pages out and color any way you like.