How Many Monsters Can You Count? – Number Book

monsters cover

“How Many Monster’s Can You Count?” came about through a watercolor painting project I was doing with my daughter Savannah. The goal was to let puddles of paint roll around the page, and after it was all dry: find the many creatures left behind. I loved finding monsters in the mayhem, Savannah not so much. So, when I ended up with so many adorable little guys I knew I had to turn it into another children’s book.

I thought a numbers book would be good, since we already had the ABC book. So, I got to work on trying to figure out the best way to incorporate numbers into my artwork. The best way was to count them. Believe me, I tried many different versions of counting. The only way to really showcase the monsters was to place them in the middle of the page and count from page to page.

I love the result of mixing monsters, watercolor, and numbers. And I hope you like it too. Please feel free to print out the pages and share the link to our website with as many friends as you would like. Thank You!

We appreciate your comments.

Image Mosters-2

Image Mosters-3

Image Mosters-4

Image Mosters-5

Image Mosters-6

Image Mosters-7





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