“Coloring with My ABC’s” Book



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“Coloring with My ABC’s” is a project my daughter, Savannah, completed a few summers ago when she was 12 yrs. old. This is Savannah’s first solo project. We went over many different ideas of what her ABC images would include and we settled on animals, mostly because Savannah loves to draw animals.

After researching the animal she was going to draw, Savannah carefully drew each animal in pencil and traced it with a black pen. Then, I scanned the picture onto the computer and used Photoshop to clean up any pencil marks left on the page. The book came together fairly easily and seeing Savannah’s name on the cover is a whole lot of fun for us.

We both love the way it turned out, especially the cover. She thinks the zebra is one of her best drawings in the book, and I tend to agree. We hope you love the book just as much as we do and share it with as many families as you can. Feel free to print the individual pages and color them.

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images Coloring With My ABC's-2


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images Coloring With My ABC's-4

images Coloring With My ABC's-5

images Coloring With My ABC's-6

images Coloring With My ABC's-7

images Coloring With My ABC's-8

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