“My ABC Animal Friends” – Alphabet Book

abc cover

Savannah and I started “My ABC Animal Friends” when Savannah was 10 and on her summer break. She is an aspiring artist and I am an aspiring writer, so I thought it would be fun to illustrate an ABC book for young children to enjoy and learn from, while we gained the experience of self-publishing a book and spending some quality time together.

We made the animals and the backgrounds separately. Using card stock, tissue paper, glue, and paint we created what we thought looked good. We then,placed the animal on the background, scanned the picture, and used Photoshop to clean things up.  It took us all summer and then some to get things just right. It took us a lot longer to finish than I thought it would. The experience learned from this book was well earned…

The animals we created for the book are now close to our hearts. Savannah and I both came up with the sentencing for each letter as we did for the images. We used many of our family members real names and enjoyed doing so. In the future we hope to create story lines for our beloved animals in another book. Over-all we are really happy with the look of our first children’s book. Please feel free to print out the writing pages at the end.

We would love any comments you may have about any of our books. Thank You for your support in us!

all pages-2

all pages-3

all pages-4

all pages-5

all pages-6

all pages-7

all pages-8all pages-9all pages-10all pages-11all pages-12all pages-13all pages-14all pages-15all pages-16all pages-17all pages-18all pages-19all pages-20all pages-21all pages-22all pages-23all pages-24all pages-25all pages-26all pages-27all pages-28all pages-29all pages-30all pages-31all pages-32all pages-33all pages-34all pages-35



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