Christmas Banner and Gift Tags

Here are some great images you can use to make a whimsical Christmas banner or gift tags.

  • To make the banner: Simply print out each image, cut, punch a hole in the top, and string!
  • To make gift tags: Simply save the image to your computer and change the image size to one that you want to use on a gift, then print.

All of the images are large (on an 8×10 paper size). Feel free to save and resize the image to your preference for the project you are making.


The Runaway Fox

The Runaway Fox

Fan fiction of, The Runaway Bunny, by Margaret Wise Brown

by Vikki Lenore


There was once a little red fox who told his mother, “I am running away so that I can do anything I want to.”

“If you run away from me I will have to run after you, because you are my little red fox,” his mother replied.

“But if you try to run after me, I will turn myself into the wind and fly through the trees in order to get away from you.”

“Yes, but if you become the wind,” said his mother, “I will become a cloud in the sky, and I will find you.”

“Mother, if you become a cloud in the sky, I will become a shark in the ocean and swim far, far away.”

“My little red fox,” said his mother, “If you become a shark in the ocean, I will become an ocean wave, so that I can find you wherever you go.”

“But Mother, if you turn into an ocean wave,” said the little fox, “I will become a cheetah and run faster than any other animals in the forest.”

“My little red fox,” said his mother, “If you become a cheetah, I will become a hawk, so that I can spot you from high above, wherever you decide to go.”

“But mother, if you become a hawk I will become a child and run into a house so that I can hide from you.”

“My little red fox,” said his mother, “If you become a human child and run inside a house, I will become your mother and hold you in my arms to tell you how much I love you.”

The little red fox sighed as he relaxed alongside the soft belly of his mother, “Well, I guess it is better that I stay where I am and be your little fox.”

The little red fox closed his eyes to sleep, and his mother covered him as she always did with her fluffy, white tipped tail.

“Good night, my little red fox,” she said as she lay her head down and closed her own eyes for the night.



Color/Print Pages from “Coloring with My ABC’s”


These are pages from “Coloring with My ABC Animal Friends” available as a print book through Amazon. Here are pages A-G available for you to save and print.


  1. Right click on each image to save to your computer.
  2. Print and share with your child as a color/educational page.


Fox Mask Coloring/Printing Project

colored fox fox


  1. Right click on either (or both) images and save image to your computer.
  2.  Print out at your convenience. (should print on an 8×10, and the image should take up the entire piece)
  3. Have you child color the black and white (do nothing if you printed the colored mask)
  4. Use a hole puncher at the black dots (near the eyes).
  5. Using a thin elastic, ribbon, yarn, or string knot the end and string through to the other side, then place knot.